Choosing The Best LED Light Bar For Your ATV

As you are probably already aware, OPT7 LED headlight bulbs are some of the best in the business and do a solid job of illuminating the road. But what about when you are off road? When you are ATV’ing, for example. We recommend that you get the best led light bar for your ATV that you can afford.

LED light bar ATV

Off Road LED Light Bar

Being able to see your surroundings while off road and also making sure that you are seen by others are the two primary reasons that you need a good off road LED light bar on your ATV. LED light bars are the best option for meeting those needs.

Off road LED light bars have several key properties which make them a great choice for ATV use. They feature low power consumption, they are lightweight, they tend to last a very long time, generate very little heat, come in a variety of colors and beam widths, and they are resistant to vibrations.

ATV LED Light Bar: What To Look For

When searching for the perfect ATV LED light bar for your needs, you need to look for the following features.

  • Size – ATV LED light bars are sold in various sizes. They are typically offered in 6″-50″ sizes, with 20 inch LED light bars being among the most popular.
  • Shape – Off road LED light bars come in a variety of shapes, ranging from square, round, or rectangular. Your particular application will determine which form factor is best for you.
  • LED Color – LED light bars are offered in an array of colors. Available are red, amber, white, blue, and a few others. White is generally the brightest, but which color you choose is simply personal preference.
  • Beam Pattern – Whether you go with spot beams or flood beams will also be determined by your application.
  • Brightness – Light intensity is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen, the brighter the LED light.
  • Water Resistance – Clearly, having an LED bar on your ATV that is water resistant is important.

As you can see, there are a lot of features and options to look out for when selecting the best ATV LED light bar for sale. It’s best to do your homework before purchasing any off road LED lighting. We found to be a great source of information for LED headlight information. We recommend that you pay them a visit before making a decision on which off road LED light bar to purchase.

CREE LED Light Bar For Your ATV

CREE symbolizes the bleeding-edge among today’s best LED lighting technology. CREE itself does not manufacture LED light bars, however, the LED light bulbs which they do make are used to produce some of the best quality LED light bars available on today’s market.

CREE has grown into perhaps the most popular name in the LED light industry.

CREE’s top goal is to consistently produce LEDs which can out shine the competition while using less energy consumption, and many feel that they have achieved their goal.

Sure, the quality or brand name of the light bulbs is not the sole factor to give thought to when buying an LED light bar for sale, choosing a LED light bar that is made with CREE LEDs will help to ensure that you are getting the best LED light bar for your ATV.

PENN Fishing Reels

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies or activities worldwide, because it is fun and relaxing. However, fishing is not so simple and therefore requires the proper skills, technique, gear and equipment. That includes using quality equipment like PENN fishing reels.

A fishing reel is one of the most important tools for anglers. There are mainly two types of reels; spinning and fly reels. With so many fishing reels manufacturers available on the market, it sometimes becomes very perplexing to choose the right one for an inexperienced angler.

To simplify the decision-making process, those fishermen looking to buy a new reel must be aware of the basic components and features that make one fishing reel different or better than the other. These days, fishing reels are made with some advanced materials and engineered in such a way to make your fishing experience uncomplicated.

Why Choose PENN Fishing Reels

Many professional fishermen believe in choosing PENN fishing reels. PENN reels are one of the most trusted fishing reels manufacturers available today, due to the fact that they have been producing quality fishing reels since 1932.

PENN fishing reels

If you want to get the most out of the money spent on fishing reels, you must choose PENN reels since they are the leader in modern reel designing and manufacturing. It doesn’t matter where you go fishing, these fishing reels will always perform without any flaws.

Top Rated PENN Reels

Before you buy PENN reels, you need to take a closer look at the pros and cons of their different offerings. You must choose the PENN reel which is suitable and meets all the requirements you want in a fishing reel. Below is a comparison of top 3 PENN International reels available on the market.

PENN Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel

The PENN Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel is the perfect choice for those fishermen who want to take their fishing to the next level. Highly durable design, Smooth dragging system, and attractive body are some of the reasons why this spinning reel is very popular among fishermen.

Below are some of the coolest features about the PENN Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel:
It offers greater support under heavy load.
The reel cast is quite long.
The reel is super strong, fast and smooth.
Instant anti-reverse feature.

PENN Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel

This PENN reel is one of the best and most high-tech fresh water fishing reels available in the market, thus making it a great addition to your fishing gear collection. Spinfisher SSV4500 comes with enhanced features to make the fishing experience effortless and more convenient.

Below are some of the coolest features of the PENN Spinfisher SSV4500 Spinning Reel:
Improved rubber gasket prevents the superline spool slipping.
Due to water tight design and sealed construction there is no saltwater seeping inside.
Durable design with impressive look.
Loaded with techno-balanced rotor for smooth drag.

PENN Fishing FRC6000 Firece Spinning Reel

This PENN spinning reel lives up to its name with heavy-duty side plate and a full metal body to keep prefect gear alignment while handling heavy loads. The steel bearing system offers protection even in the toughest saltwater conditions.

Below are some of the coolest features of the PENN FRC6000 Spinning Reel:
Anodized aluminum spool.
Stainless steel shaft, 4 steel ball bearings.
Equipped with techno-balanced rotor for effortless retrieves.
Aluminum handle with simple touch knob.

These PENN reels truly work like they claim, and there is no denying the fact that thousands of anglers are using them for various fishing activities. has more reviews and information on PENN reels.

How about you? Have you made your choices about PENN reels? If “Yes, then get it right away!

Green Underwater Fishing Lights

This weekend, while shopping for some OPT7 LED headlight bulbs for our towing truck, we stumbled across some green underwater fishing lights. As avid fishermen, we were fascinated with the idea of using a green fishing light to help attract fish at night. We felt it our duty to share this nifty concept with our readers.

underwater led lights

Green Underwater Fishing Lights – How Do They Work?

If you’re using green underwater fishing lights on your dock, the system will plug into the GFI outlet on your pier. The circuitry and photocell are mounted nearby inside of a box. A power wire is ran from the box to the water. The green underwater fishing lights are weighted to the bottom of the waterway. Finally, when the sun begins to go down, the photocell turns on the system and the green underwater fishing light turns on.

Night Fishing Lights Attract Fish

Within only a couple of minutes, zooplankton, which are microscopic creatures, will begin to home in on the green underwater light source, similar to the way pesky insects are attracted to outdoor lighting. Soon, small bait fish follow, drawn in by the zooplankton. The smaller bait fish naturally attract the larger fish next, over minutes or hours.

green underwater fishing lightThe water surrounding the green night fishing lights will usually become foggy from the swirling masses of small shrimp (if ocean water), copepods, and other various microorganisms in the water. Depending on your location, schools of large baitfish may even learn the location of the green underwater LED light and show up every night to feed.

This learned behavior is copied by predator fish who will also soon learn that easy meals are to be found in the shadows near the green glow. Within just a couple short weeks, your pier will become a popular feeding station for the areas fish populations.

All this unfolds right before your eyes, and from the comfort of your own home. Watch as predatory fish slash their way through schools of baitfish, or suck shrimp from the surface right in front of you.

night fishing lights
Underwater LED Lights Expectations

It could take a couple of nights, or you might see fish immediately, but it really depends on the waterway where you live. Most of the green underwater LED lights manufacturers claim that their lights are guaranteed to attract fish. The water location is the primary indicator of what species of fish you can expect, but nearly all waters contain much more aquatic life than you probably imagine.

Homemade Green LED Fishing Light

If you are so inclined, you could try to make your own homemade green LED fishing light. Check out this video on Youtube for instructions.

However, we recommend leaving such a project to the pros. What and electricity tend not to mix too well, so we see this as an accident waiting to happen. We recommend checking out some of the green underwater fishing lights available on Amazon. They are reasonable priced and most have pretty good reviews. We especially like this model made by Amarine-made, as it can be attached to your boat.

Have you tried one of these green underwater fishing lights yet? If so, let’s us know how it’s working out for you. We love hearing the experiences of our readers.

Best Ice Fishing Shelter For Sale

If you are a fisherman your fishing equipment is very important to you. Whether you are open water fishing or ice fishing, you need protection from the elements. So if you are someone who loves the thrill of ice fishing, you need to make sure you have what you need to protect you from the cold. Especially if you plan to be spending hours getting your fish on. So that is where the best ice fishing shelter for sale come in.

There are many types of ice shanties available today, but you need to find the best ice fishing shelter for sale online. One of the best on the market is the Eskimo line, as well as a couple of others. There are some great ice fishing huts on the market, you just have to find best ice fishing shelter for sale that meets your needs.

Best Ice Fishing Shelter for Sale Considerations

best ice fishing shelter for sale

So when you are in the market for an ice shanty, there are plenty of things to consider. The good folks over at make shopping for an ice fishing shelter easy. Basically, there are two types of ice shelters: hard sided structures and collapsible portable types. Both are portable, but the hard sided ice fishing shelters are typically used by those who want to stay in the same spot for a while. If you are someone who likes to move around while ice fishing, the soft sided portable ice shanty is a better idea for you. They are also great if you just don’t like to risk leaving your ice shelter out on the ice.

There are different size ice fishing shelters for you to choose from, but always choose your size ice shanty based upon what your needs are. Also make sure you take into consideration how you will be transporting the ice fishing hut from place to place.  Some of the best portable ice fishing shelters, such as the Clam 9714 Nanook offer some excellent clam design structures. These models are easy to erect and collapse, making it easier for the solo fisherman.

Best Ice Fishing Shelter for Sale – Features To Look For

Other things to consider when you are looking for the best ice fishing shelter for sale are it’s added features. You can choose many different basic options for your ice fishing shelter, such as how many windows, doors, thickness, colors, shapes, storage, seats, benches and more. There are even models which feature a sled bottom, like the Clam 9714 Nanook, which are great for if you are accessing the ice by foot.

You can select and ice shanty just big enough for one, or for a large fishing crew, like the Eskimo Fatfish 9416 Insulated Ice Shelter. Clam ice shelters are another great option because they also reliable, roomy, portable and warm. They are also another great option for when you are looking for a pop-up ice shelter that is easy to erect and take down. They also offer some great wide access doors. This is important when you are wearing bulky outdoor clothing or carrying fishing gear in and out.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, you will want to make sure you pick an ice fishing shelter with adequate thickness of it’s lining to keep you warm. If being able to stand up is important to you, you will want to make sure when looking for the best ice fishing shelter for sale that it has the head room you are looking for.