Green Underwater Fishing Lights

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:12 pm

This weekend, while shopping for some OPT7 LED headlight bulbs for our towing truck, we stumbled across some green underwater fishing lights. As avid fishermen, we were fascinated with the idea of using a green fishing light to help attract fish at night. We felt it our duty to share this nifty concept with our readers.

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Green Underwater Fishing Lights – How Do They Work?

If you’re using green underwater fishing lights on your dock, the system will plug into the GFI outlet on your pier. The circuitry and photocell are mounted nearby inside of a box. A power wire is ran from the box to the water. The green underwater fishing lights are weighted to the bottom of the waterway. Finally, when the sun begins to go down, the photocell turns on the system and the green underwater fishing light turns on.

Night Fishing Lights Attract Fish

Within only a couple of minutes, zooplankton, which are microscopic creatures, will begin to home in on the green underwater light source, similar to the way pesky insects are attracted to outdoor lighting. Soon, small bait fish follow, drawn in by the zooplankton. The smaller bait fish naturally attract the larger fish next, over minutes or hours.

green underwater fishing lightThe water surrounding the green night fishing lights will usually become foggy from the swirling masses of small shrimp (if ocean water), copepods, and other various microorganisms in the water. Depending on your location, schools of large baitfish may even learn the location of the green underwater LED light and show up every night to feed.

This learned behavior is copied by predator fish who will also soon learn that easy meals are to be found in the shadows near the green glow. Within just a couple short weeks, your pier will become a popular feeding station for the areas fish populations.

All this unfolds right before your eyes, and from the comfort of your own home. Watch as predatory fish slash their way through schools of baitfish, or suck shrimp from the surface right in front of you.

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Underwater LED Lights Expectations

It could take a couple of nights, or you might see fish immediately, but it really depends on the waterway where you live. Most of the green underwater LED lights manufacturers claim that their lights are guaranteed to attract fish. The water location is the primary indicator of what species of fish you can expect, but nearly all waters contain much more aquatic life than you probably imagine.

Homemade Green LED Fishing Light

If you are so inclined, you could try to make your own homemade green LED fishing light. Check out this video on Youtube for instructions.

However, we recommend leaving such a project to the pros. What and electricity tend not to mix too well, so we see this as an accident waiting to happen. We recommend checking out some of the green underwater fishing lights available on Amazon. They are reasonable priced and most have pretty good reviews. We especially like this model made by Amarine-made, as it can be attached to your boat.

Have you tried one of these green underwater fishing lights yet? If so, let’s us know how it’s working out for you. We love hearing the experiences of our readers.

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