Polar Bear Coolers: Are They The Best Cooler For Hunting?

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:10 pm

When it comes to using soft coolers, outdoor enthusiasts are usually wary of these types of ice chests because the durability and ice retention of soft coolers have been known to not be the greatest. Soft coolers are normally reserved for quick outings, such as a day at the beach or a park, but most hunters and fishermen do not use them. However, outdoorsmen who have dismissed soft coolers, have not been introduced to the reliable Polar Bear Coolers brand.

polar bear cooelrs

As a dedicated hunter and occasional fisherman, I wasn’t too keen on getting a soft cooler, but I really needed something that was very easy to carry and increased portability of all of my perishables. After doing some searching, I came across Polar Bear Coolers and ended up purchasing a Polar Bear Mossy Oak cooler because I had heard so many good things about it from those who have used it. And I also read solid reviews at DiscountCoolerSales.com.

Finding a cooler that features realistic camouflage and not cartoon-ish camouflage can make a big difference in the stealth-factor when hunting. The Mossy Oak model of Polar Bear Coolers features a realistic woodsy design that will blend in well to the background when hunting. If you want to add a personal touch to one of your Polar Bear Coolers they also offer the option of custom monogramming and logo embossment if your purchase a cooler directly from the Polar Bears Coolers website.

For a soft cooler, Polar Bear Coolers rival the durability provided by many hard-sided coolers. Even though my Polar Bear Mossy Oak cooler is constantly getting snagged by sticks and twigs that I encounter in the woods while hunting. However, the 1000 denier Cordura nylon and high-density open cell foam that the Polar Bear Cooler is composed of makes the Polar Bear Cooler tear and snag proof. This added armor, makes the Polar Bear Cooler the best soft cooler in the market to bring out into the wilderness during a hunt.

Polar Bear Coolers Ice Retention

The biggest argument when it comes to the reason why outdoor enthusiasts have a great disdain for soft coolers, is usually the bad reputation that they have when it comes to ice retention. Most soft coolers do not keep things refrigerated for very long, which is something you definitely do not want while hunting or fishing in the hot sun. As unbelievable as it may seem, Polar Bear Coolers have ice retention capabilities that are actually better than a lot of hard-sided ice chests that I have used. My Mossy Oak Polar Bear Cooler has been used in piping hot weather during some of my fishing trips before and have managed to retain ice for over 24 hours! The 1 inch thick high density foam is to thank for the premium insulation Polar Bear Coolers use to allow it to perform so well among the competition.

The bottom line is that as a hunter and a part-time angler, I have finally found a portable soft cooler that meets my high expectations for ice chests as a zealous outdoorsman. After introducing my fellow hunters to Polar Bear Coolers, they have went out and gotten themselves a few Mossy Oak Polar Bear Coolers. I feel Polar Bear Coolers are indeed the best cooler for hunting. I recommend that you get yours today.

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