Are St. Croix Musky Rods Still The Best?

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 10:18 am

I have been fishing in the back country of Vilas, Price, Oneida, and Iron counties in Wisconsin for many years. “Why?”, you may ask. Because I enjoy the thrill of landing large Muskies. This majestic fish is one of the most prized catches in the state of Wisconsin. I have been using the St. Croix musky rods for many years now for many reasons. In my opinion, St. Croix Musky rods are the best.

Reasons I Love St. Croix Musky Rods

1. St. Croix is a Wisconsin company and these people know fishing and have been in the business of manufacturing quality graphite muskie fishing rods that are built to last.

2. The poles are strong and durable and are designed to last. The last thing I want is a muskie rod that I cannot depend on.

3. These musky rods are designed by engineers with reinforced material which is ideal for catching Musky.

Craftmanship of St. Croix Musky Rods

1. St. Croix fishing rods are quality crafted by a company that knows fishing in and out.

2. Their products are designed for true fisherman and the feel of the rod when reeling in a Musky is something that is easily not replicated.

3. In today’s age of cheaply made rods, this product is a gem and in my opinion the best musky rods available for musky fishing.

St. Croix Musky Rods Are Still The Best

I have reeled in many a large muskie over the last several summers in Wisconsin, and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed using the St. Croix rods. Whether casting long distances, or out for a lazy afternoon on the lake, these fishing rods do the job. For my money, St. Croix rods are the top musky rods for sale online.

My biggest challenge is finding enough time to get away from the rat race of my current job. If I had my way I would be fishing for Musky every week possible that it is warm enough to do so. I can tell you this, the back woods and lakes of Wisconsin are heaven and I love spending my time away from work with a clear mind and free of the daily problems of my everyday life.

Using My St. Croix Musky Rod In Wisconsin

One day I will be away from my work, and free to retire and enjoy my time doing what I want to do. And when I get to that point in my life, be assured that I will have my St. Croix musky rods and an ice cold beer in my hand, and some good eats nearby as well.

st croix musky rods are best

There is nothing better than taking a picture of a huge Musky, but better still is the chase and thrill of reeling it in. I invite you to explore the back country of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region and to experience the joy that is Musky fishing. has much more information about muskie fishing and I find them to be a great resource for all things related to musky fishing.

The beauty of Wisconsin is that there are hundreds of lakes virtually untouched and undisturbed by humans. This is nature as it was intended to be. These are ideal places to bring your fishing rod along and disappear into the wilderness and to breathe in the fresh air and relax. And if you are lucky, you may catch a few tiger Muskies while you are out there.

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